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Individual/Couples Counseling

Marie Murad-Feldman M.A., LCPC

Common Questions

I have never been in therapy, what should I expect?
The first session or two are basically an assessment period in which the difficulties that a client and or clients are dealing with are identified. The assessment helps to create a treatment plan that specifically defines the objectives and goals that the client /clients have for treatment.  It is also a time to begin building rapport between the client and therapist. The following sessions are focused on working towards making the changes needed to improve quality of life and to help the clients meet their expected goals.

How long is a session?   How often will I attend?  How long will I be in Therapy?
Sessions are either 45 minutes or 60 minutes (third party payers often dictate time limits).

Usually clients begin on a weekly basis. Sessions at a later time may be spaced out depending on need.

​The length of therapy differs for each client depending on the goals. Typically clients attend 10-20 sessions.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?
Basically Cognitive Behavioral Therapists believe that the thought content /process impact how you feel, which also impacts how you behave. The process of focusing on negative thinking and making changes to it in order to change and improve behaviors is the basis of therapy.  This is accomplished by learning techniques that challenge the thinking.

Will I need to take medication?
Medication is a very personal choice however it is sometimes warranted depending on the mental health issue. If medication is a consideration the client will be referred to a Psychiatrist for a medication assessment. When a client is prescribed medication they continue to work with both the Therapist (therapy) and Psychiatrist (medication management) which has been proven to be the most effective form of treatment for serious mental health issues.